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40 Acre Farm in Camilla, GA

This farm includes 8 Broiler Houses located in Camilla, GA on 40 acres.

All houses meet Tyson Class A standards
All houses are 40’ x 500’ and have prep rooms

Equipment List

  • Chore tronic computers with agri alert alarm systems
  • Lubing pressurized water lines with on demand water controls
  • Chore time feeders with flood windows
  • Stirfans
  • Radiant tube heaters
  • All the fans needed to meet wind speed
  • Static pressure requirements

4 Generators

  • (2) John Deere
  • (1) Cummins
  • (1) Caterpillar
(3) 4 inch wells
Compost barn

This farm is a bio secure area. Visitors are not allowed without the listing agent present.

Call 229.985.4565 to schedule an appointment.