Auction Info

Our auctions are generally held on Saturdays and start at 9:00 am. We do have them on other days from time to time... so stay up to date by visiting our website.
Not responsible for accidents or injury - Attendees assume all responsibility.


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How to Consign

1. Call for confidential consultation: 800.985.5699
2. Bring your items to the sale site to be written up
3. We do not price protect - you must be there to protect your items
4. Payment for your items are mailed the 2nd Tuesday after close of auction


Preview for our auctions start the Friday before the auction from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

How to Buy

Here are a few easy steps to help you look and act like a professional auction buyer. When you have found that item you must have and are ready to bid, making a purchase is simple!

- Bidding in Person: You need to register at the mobile office. After registering you will receive a bidder's card, this will be used to place your bids. Simply raise your bidder card until the auctioneer or ringman acknowledges you. You will know when your bid has been acknowledged, the auctioneer will not mistake a ransom gesture for a bid. The bidding increments are decided by the auctioneer. The auctioneer will take increasing bids on each lot until one bidder remains. The final bidder purcheses the lot. All items must be paid in full the day of the auction.
- Bidding Online: You must register and get approved to bid online. The online bids are combined with any absentee bids and a clerk at the auction represents the bids. There is an additional 4% Online Fee that will be charged to all online bidders. The auctioneer does not know what the bids are and has no control of the results of the online/absentee bids. Successful online and absentee bidders will be notified by an emailed invoice at the close of the auction; at this time the funds should be wired immediately to complete the transaction.
- Exporters: If you take possession of your purchase in the United States, you must pay sales tax. You must provide the following within 10 days of the auction for a refund of sales tax. Either a bill of lading from the trucking company that removed the items or a dock receipt from the port.

 Terry Demott, Sr. - Auctioneer: GA #AU002554-AUC002439 | FL #AU1833-AB1285 | AL #1371 | NC #7411 | TX #17289 | SC #4587-4076